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A pessimist sees difficulty in every opportunity. A optimist sees opportunity in every difficulty.
— Winston Churchill (via cjsalen)
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video tip :: TEDtalk by Carl Bass - The New Rules of Innovation :: 

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Managing Director of The Gleaner Company, Chris Barnes gave what I would call a splendid presentation to my Entrepreneur class on April 4th. What intrigued me the most about Mr. Barnes was his seamless transition from one industry to another (rather opposite in many respects). It was then I realized that being an entrepreneur was not a ‘job’ but a way of life. 

How is it that a man who spent his tertiary education predominantly focusing on the sciences manage to now head one of the biggest media entities in the Caribbean? For Barnes it was a simple strategy, “Treat your life like a business”. 

He noted also that an entrepreneur should:

a) be willing to take chances

b) be willing to learn 

c) hire the right people

d) be goal- oriented

Barnes pointed out that in this information age it is imperative to be as efficient as possible- adapt new professional skills and keep up with the demands of the market- it is the only way to survive.

After the presentation I can definitely say I was inspired. Barnes was a striking example of how boundless the prospects are for a sensible entrepreneur. I feel some how up for the challenge.

Link 3 Apr Jamaica Observer's "Mogul in the Making" »

This article entitled “Doing Something Right” is centered about the Jamaica Observer’s ‘Mogul in the Making’ competition which sought to highlight the work of small business owners on the rise. This initiative is a very commendable one on the part of the media company as it brings awareness to the inspiring work of young entrepreneurs in Jamaica by awarding their efforts. 

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Text 14 Mar Make Your PASSION Your BUSINESS

How exactly should a prospective entrepreneur go about planning for their career? According to Fabian Brown, President of Jamaica’s Young Entrepreneurs Association and owner of Value Added Services, the answer is simple: Making Your Passion Your Business.

Quite frankly, If you plan on undertaking any venture make sure that it is something you strongly believe in or have vested interest. Challenge yourself and ask- What is it that you are passionate about. “The Alpha and Omega of Entrepreneurship is Passion”

Secondly our life is a manifestation of our thoughts. With this in mind Brown warned of being conscious of the words we generally use. For example, to become a successful entrepreneur one MUST eliminate the words: ‘just’, ‘but’ & ‘try’ from his/her vocabulary. These words limit potential and retards ACTION, especially since every good entrepreneur seizes the moment.

INNOVATION+CREATIVITY=RELEVANCE + SUCCESS must be an entrepreneur’s hallmark. This formula should be the driving force behind any good entrepreneur. How will your business interest impact you and others around you,is something that must be taken into account.  

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Text 29 Feb 6 notes "You don’t become what you want; you become what you believe."


- Oprah Winfrey, media mogul

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Success seems to be connected with action. Successful people keep moving. They make mistakes, but they don’t quit.
— Conrad Hilton (via benetc)
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The most important thing in business is honesty, integrity and hard work
— Frank Lucas (American Gangster)
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Be an entrepreneur

Link 26 Feb 2 notes What Every Entrepreneur Can Learn From The Movie 'Limitless'»
Link 25 Feb 1 note NY TIMES: Six Attributes of Successful Entrepreneurs»
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An Entrepreneur when taking risks is “dashing into hope”.
— Jimmy Lai (CEO, Next Media Company Ltd)

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